Monday, May 2, 2011

He wins! The most versatile Public Speaker of the Modern Era

Barack Obama has proven time and again that he is capable of changing footing in a public speech, even when it is in front of a tough, professional audience. In this Public Speech in front of the White House's Washington Correspondents dinner, he moves from host, to self-deprecating humor, to jabs at his upcoming presidential contenders, to being humble by thanking troops, by having compassion for the Southern devasted areas, and by recognizing the value of the press in advancing democracy's freedom.


This is what I call having an inate skill to public speaking. But is it? In fact, Barack Obama does have a certain ease in publicly speaking, but more importantly he's made thousands of speeches, and that is what gave him this easy flow between a jovial pace and a serious mood.
Hats off, Mr. President! You are the ultimate example for all of us, public speakers.