Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Highly Effective Public Speaking Activities

Improve Your Oratory Skills

Well designed and creatively used public speaking activities can go a long way towards helping you overcome stage fright and develop excellent public speaking skills.

Young kids and adults can both benefit from an effective training that is planned with activities more appropriate for each age group. Here are some ideas for activities that will greatly improve your elocution and oratory skills.

Public Speaking Activities for Adults

Activity 1: Two-Sided Dilemma Topic

A valuable and amusing activity to improve your oratory skills is to pick a two sided debatable topic, and spend 30 seconds defending one side, and then flip the angle and spend 30 seconds offending from the other side.

The facilitator needs to gather a set of debatable subjects and give them to the participants. You should allow them some time to prepare and absorb the two-sided dilemma. When ready, each participant takes the center stage and speaks on both sides of the same topic. This activity will certainly increase participants' ability to think from different angles for a given subject.

Activity 2: Finding Inspiration from Famous Speeches

There are many role models in the world of public speaking that you can emulate and learn from. One of the inspirational activities would be to seek out audio and video clips of compelling speeches given by well know public speakers of today and in recent times.

If your role model lived before the advent of audio and video you can then read their famous speeches and get inspired. Use a search engine to find inspirational audios, videos and written material on famous speeches.

Public speaking skills can be learned step by step just like any other subject or task. Breaking it down into engaging and useful activities will make you learn and master the skill over a period of time.

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