Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Stay Motivated – Stay Focused & Stay Positive

If you want to know how to stay motivated for longer periods, this article is just right for you! It is not only helpful to know methods that motivate you, but also to know some tricks that allow you to remain motivated in the long term, thereby allowing you to be positive and to stay focused on your goals and objectives.

In the following you can find tips to stay positive and an instruction on how to stay motivated throughout your life as well as inspiring quotes that can accompany you on your journey, I call them the “stay positive quotes“.

Quotes about staying positive – The “stay positive quotes”

    “Keep your face to the sun, and you will never see the shadows.”
    Helen Keller

    “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”
    Zig Ziglar

    “Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.” ~
    Brian Tracy

    “Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.” ~
    Elbert Hubbard

How to stay positive for a fairly long term?

Tip to stay positive #1 Focus on this moment

Don’t let yourself get in a bad mood and procrastinated by shocking news about murder, terror and similar chaos that is being spread by the media. This will not only demotivate you but it can also cause depressive feelings. Try to stay positive by creating exciting aims and objectives that you aim to reach in the future. This moment is the most precious thing you have. You cannot change the the past, but you can always change your future, by making the most out of this moment. Don’t allow this chance to pass by – focus on this moment, make the best out of it, instead of trying to distract yourself with TV, video games, etc.

Tip to stay positive #2 Set yourself exciting goals