Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Speak in Public… Even If You Hate Public Speaking

Despite your fear, you need to figure out how to fit public speaking into your schedule. Let me tell you why.
Many entrepreneurs credit public speaking appearances as a critical piece to their business success. In fact, they treat it as a machine that generates leads for their business.
A lot of them will get immediate and new clients or business from their speaking engagements…but most of those leads will take a long time to mature.
This is why a lot of them use some type of marketing automation tools to keep in touch with those who don’t need their business right away.
And even though public speaking is a great way to increase your exposure, so many entrepreneurs hate doing it…and use all kinds of excuses not to do it.
Do you hate speaking in public? Would you like to learn how to get over your fear of public speaking and actually start taking on speaking engagements to expand your brand and message?
Then this guide will help.
How to painlessly ease into public speaking
Let’s first look at how you might enter the world of public speaking and go from speaking confidently one-on-one to commanding center stage at a huge conference.
Are you ready to launch your speaking career? Let’s go!

Volunteer for an interview – There is no question about it, it takes a lot of confidence to stand in front of an audience and speak clearly and convincingly. But you can ease your fear of public speaking simply by starting with a few non-threatening ways. One such way is to volunteer to do an interview. Find a blogger in your industry who does video interviews  and offer to speak as an expert on a topic. 

Create a virtual conference