Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 Tips for Motivating Unegaged Employees

Were you aware that money is not the primary motivation of your employees? While money is a large motivator for many employees — especially in a failing economy — it is often not the primary thing that motivates productivity within the workplace.

A 2011 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association showed that 25% of employees reported a lack of motivation to do their best work. In addition, only 52% reported feeling valued within the workplace. 

Motivational studies conducted from 1924-1932 at the Hawthorne Works plant in Chicago helped shine light on aspects within the workplace that motivate employees to increase productivity, maintain a positiveattitude, and display overall contentment with their careers. Results from the original study indicated that employee production was affected by a number of aspects, including changes within the work environment and noted appreciation.

The following tips have been designed to help you motivate unengaged employees to perform at top levels:
1. Engage Employees Individually

Try to engage your employees individually. While this may not be possible in instances where a large work-force is maintained, it is important that you try to individually reach out to as many of your employees as possible. Have a one-on-one meeting with employees who you think might have a little something extra to offer the company. Find out what interests them and what their passions are. You might even consider putting certain individuals in a mentor position with another employee. It is hard not to be motivated when you are responsible for someone else’s success. 

2. Show Appreciation

Lack of appreciation is one of the biggest complaints among many individuals in the workforce. Few individuals can be motivated to deliver their best work if they do not feel a certain level of appreciation is expressed for their efforts.