Saturday, September 21, 2013

Top teamwork tips for SME

A recent survey has found that poor teamwork causes owners of small firms in Britain to stay late in the office, wastes valuable time and adds to employee dissatisfaction. But all this could be avoided by encouraging employees to work more effectively as a team.

The research, conducted by Microsoft UK, found that 37 per cent of the 2,200 British people taking part in the study believed that one of the main causes of time-wasting within the workplace was due to a lack of communication between team members.

Clare Barclay, director of small business, Microsoft UK, commented, ‘individual team members are hired for the value they can add to the business – but don’t neglect the team as a whole. An efficient, capable business is a team effort and employers should put procedures in place that help and encourage employees to work together for the benefit of the whole company.’

Here are some top tips on how businesses can help their employees work better together:

Match tasks to skills

It’s good sense to match your employees’ key skills to their role. You might recruit someone for their skills in one area, but if they show potential in another, offer them the opportunity to get involved in that part of the business. They will appreciate the opportunity to succeed and this will motivate them and the rest of the team.

Identify role and responsibilities

Once you’ve matched your employees to their roles it’s important they see the bigger picture. To get the best out of everyone, they should understand how their job impacts the success of the team.

Integration across job roles

There needs to be a level of ‘role integration’ within the business. For example, if your accountant needs to query an invoice, they must understand how the business works just as much as the employee needs to understand the accountant's role.