Wednesday, January 22, 2014

7 tips to become a better public speaker

Did you know that there are four versions of a presentation?
  •  The one you planned to do
  •  The one you actually did 
  •  The one you wished you did
You can never judge which one of these four that is the best, because it differs from time to time and who you ask. This “theory” helps me to understand that a presentation depends on your performance at that exact moment. And, the more prepared you are, the better you will deliver.

Tip 1: START & END – Create a first impression that lasts

“A presentation has a start, an end and something in between.”
- Martin Gunnarsson

Your first two minutes in any presentation are the most important. The audience will analyze your personality, your clothes, your accent, your hair, how you walk, your slides—everything. They do so to decide whether it’s worth the investment to listen to you or not. During these two minutes, it’s difficult to digest detailed information. Instead, use this time to build trust, let the audience get to know you and build a relationship with them.

The START of your presentation should be something that is easy to understand and something everyone can relate to. Preferably a story or a topic that is unexpected so as to surprise the listener. This sends a signal that you feel safe in this situation. You build trust. The listener will also open up his/her senses to new influences as you do something unexpected and, therefore, the brain will be more open to receive new information.

At the END of your presentation, you have to tie together your presentation and messages. You have to clearly tell the audience what to remember after the session.