Friday, December 28, 2012

How to Promote Teamwork at Your Workplace

No man is an island. At your workplace, having a team that works for a common vision is the greatest advantage. Read on to find out how you can promote teamwork at your workplace, if you are in charge of a team:

1.Understand the benefits of teamwork. Any project you maybe working on can actually be done in a quicker and more efficient way. Having team members means better inputs and suggestions. Also, it means that more people are willing to come together to achieve that goal/vision.

2.Make your team-members feel important: The key to a successful team is that everyone shares the same passion and focus to achieve the desired target/goal. And that can only happen when everyone on the team is aware that they all are individually important for the success of the team as a whole. Involve people in the project, give them all the information, the goal, deadlines (if any). Make them feel that they're responsible for the outcome.

3.Encourage inputs and suggestions: This would not only help establish a sense of purpose in everyone, but would also help as someone might come up with a suggestion to improvise which you may not even have thought of.

4.Organize team meetings/activities If being part of a team is a regular thing for you at work (sales teams etc) it's always a good idea to have team meetings and activities like outings, games etc

This helps every team member to know and understand the other members in the team and can also be the starting point for great friendships in the later years too.