Monday, July 8, 2013

7 Fundamental Truths about Personal Development

Before we can really lock into meaningful personal development and create the life we truly desire, there are a number of basic concepts that must be accepted. In personal development, as in any other field, there are fundamental truths that exist. If we want to experience optimal results, we need to understand and fully embrace those truths.

While the existence of these personal development truths may be generally accepted on an intellectual level, more than acknowledgment is required. This seems to be one of the major differences between people who make things happen in life, and those who can’t figure out why things are the way they are.
“I know” doesn’t get it done!

If you have ever raised a teenager, you are probably familiar with the phrase “I know.” That’s what you hear when they neglected to do something. Obviously, knowing wasn’t enough. When it comes to our own personal development, could we be doing the same thing?

Many people who know the following 7 personal development truths are not getting the results they would like for this very reason. To get past that tendency, I invite you to use this list for some honest self-evaluation. As you look at each item, you may think to yourself: “I already know that.” In that case, stop and ask yourself: “Am I doing something with that knowledge?” In other words, are you really following through?
7 basics personal development truths

1) Always take responsibility for your life. We must recognize that our life is our personal responsibility. This is the foundation of all personal development. We can either accept conditions as they are, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Whatever we choose to do, we must acknowledge that we are the only person responsible for our decisions and actions.