Monday, July 8, 2013

Is Your Life Satisfying or Disappointing?

Do you ever feel that perhaps there is some vital element of your life missing? When you hear others talk about their deepest passions, do you look at your own life and wonder why you don’t have those same feelings?

When someone speaks of how they find their work, marriage, or daily activities incredibly meaningful and satisfying, do you ever feel shortchanged? Have you ever thought: “What are my deepest passions, and why doesn’t my life feel very satisfying and meaningful?” Have such questions ever left you wondering…

Is there something seriously wrong with me?

Rest assured, the vast majority of people wonder the very same thing in regard to one or more areas of their life. When we become aware of how other peoples life experience seems to be richer and more meaningful than ours, we can’t help wanting the same thing.

Deep down, we all know that life can and should be full of meaning and fulfillment. Then why is it that so few people actually find those things? Why does the richness of life seem to be missed by some, and fully experienced by others?

Could it be circumstances that make a meaningful life?

Is it because some people are just lucky enough to be born into a situation that makes it easy to have a richer life experience? Maybe they were raised by exceptionally loving and insightful parents. Perhaps they had a wise teacher or mentor who helped them unlock some kind of deeper understanding about life at a young age.

Certainly, any scenario similar to these could create an advantage. And obviously, this would not be an advantage that is shared by everyone. But when we interview people who are actually living lives full of meaning and passion, what do we find?