Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why are public speaking skills important?

Why are public speaking skills important?

Are public speaking skills important? Yes. The real question should be “Why are effective public speaking skills important?

Everybody has public speaking skills. Some are better than others. The primary goal is for your public speaking skills to be better than your competition, whoever and whatever that is. The secondary goal is for your presentations to get better every time you speak.

Public Speaking Skills are Important to Individual Success

For many individuals the first important presentation they deliver might be to the selection committee. It might be labeled as a “job interview” but it’s really a presentation. Success rides on their presentation outshining the competition. The results are black and white but the skills are a rainbow of colors.

In most organizations day-to-day business entails teamwork. That means presenting to your team or on behalf of your team. Career growth necessitates presenting your ideas to others. And if you want to be promoted you need to train others to handle your old job. If you want to fast track your career – volunteer to work on projects and deliver more presentations.

Public Speaking Skills are Important to Business Success

Having the superior product is never enough to guarantee business success. Apple is seen as offering leading edge technology and Steve Jobs is often modeled as a superior presenter. If you are not the Apple of your industry just imagine how much better your presentations need to be.

Business leaders are often expected to present their message with confidence and clarity to staff, clients, partners, investors and sometimes the public. Millions of dollars can ride on these presentations.